Concierge Service at Global Home Finance IncConcierge Service by Global Home Finance Inc. 

You have achieved a certain level of success in life and don’t need a large hassle when obtaining financing on your higher than average priced real estate. You have worked long and hard to be able to afford the lifestyle you have become accustomed to and cannot stand the banks heavy documentation requirements. Forget about trying to wrench a mortgage out of their centralized lending where you sit on hold for ten minutes or more to even talk to a person. Heck the guy they have acting as a loan officer just graduated from college and isn’t even licensed to originate mortgages because of their federal exemption — you’re not even sure he is able to spell mortgage!!!  The solution is here!

Global Home Finance Inc is a Texas Mortgage Banker and Broker who only employs licensed residential mortgage loan originators.  Since 2008, we have served Texas Homeowners and helped them to secure financing all over the state for their jumbo mortgage needs. Our loan officers handling jumbo mortgages have at least eight years of mortgage origination experience and have been at Global Home Finance Inc for at least two years. Your expert will work with you through the entire process as your main point of contact providing you Concierge service. Your calls will always be answered by someone and you will be treated with the utmost respect and provided the individual attention that you deserve. Any company who truly values your business should offer no less.

So, here it is in writing: Global Home Finance Inc. values your business and we will strive to provide you exceptional customer service, product sets, programs, guidelines, turn times, and pricing. Your file will be handled by only highly experienced, licensed professionals with years of experience. You will speak with a licensed and experienced professional with at least eight years of mortgage experience and at least two years at Global Home Finance Inc.

Getting your Jumbo mortgage through a mortgage broker and banker like Global Home Finance Inc will allow you to borrow a large amount of money without having to go to non-traditional lenders. Working with a mortgage specialist who only originates mortgages will yield you superior results with superior financing. We shop for the best mortgage so you don’t have to. Global Home Finance Inc Residential Mortgage Loan Originators stay updated on current guidelines, products, and programs from our network of investors and lenders. You won’t regret working with the professionals at Global Home Finance Inc. Superior products, price and service all in one place.  That is what the Concierge Service experience at Global Home Finance Inc is all about!

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