Asset Depletion Program Overview:

Frequently, special attention is required beyond traditional underwriting guidelines for high net worth borrowers with varying streams of income. The Asset Depletion Program allows the Underwriter to use a Borrower’s LIQUID ASSETS to provide more income to qualify! Typical Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac approval guidelines fail to assist borrowers who are self-employed and high net worth individuals. Individual Retirement Accounts and 401(k)s, lump-sum retirement account distributions, or the proceeds from the sale of a borrower’s business can be used to determine a borrower’s eligibility for a mortgage. These assets can be considered in an Asset Depletion Program.


  • Self-Employed Borrower’s with a NET INCOME (after expenses) that is too low to qualify
  • Borrower’s who own Rental Properties with carry-over losses (or low NET INCOMES)
  • Retired Borrowers
  • Borrower’s with high Net Operating Losses

The mortgage industry is failing to assist high net worth Borrower’s who are:

  • Supplying jobs
  • Supplying housing
  • Retired after serving our community in the workplace for the most of their lives
  • Successfully utilizing current tax codes to minimize the amount of income taxes they are paying

The asset depletion program allows you to buy the house you want when the government sponsored entities say you don’t their qualified mortgage rules and ability to repay requirements. Our well-trained team supports you in complex income scenarios and making sure your request will meet our investor’s guidelines. We’re dedicated to making your transaction smooth and seamless.


  • No pledged assets required
  • No soliciting for investment accounts
  • Options to combine with other or traditional sources of income
  • Income is calculated using an annual rate of return. Based on life expectancy and easy-to-use asset depletion calculation.
  • Cash-out available to $1,000,000
  • All Occupancy Types Available
  • $300,000 minimum loan amount (sorry, no exceptions)
  • Up to a 50% debt-to-income ratio allowed
  • Only Liquid Assets are eligible (not equity in a property)
  • Significant liquid assets will be needed to properly impact the application.
  • Although no specific minimum FICO score is required, the Borrower must have reasonably good credit (subject to Underwriter interpretation)
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